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Healthy San Diego

This page is used by staff working with Healthy San Diego, the Medi-Cal managed care system in San Diego. The staff can obtain resources to assist and inform Medi-Cal members about their health care choices.


HSD Adult Mental Health Severity Analysis (docx)
Updated 12/17/2021 2021-12-20
HSD CMCBH Quick Guide Matrix (doc)
Updated 2/20/19 2019-02-20
HSD Drug Medi-Cal Quick Guide (pdf)
Updated 09/06/2019 2019-09-19
HSD Medi-Cal BH IP Guide Plus (doc)
Updated 10/31/2019 2019-12-27
HSD Medi-Cal EDO Quick Guide Screening Tool (docx)
Updated 08/13/2019 2019-09-19
HSD Medi-Cal Quick Guide Screening Tool (docx)
HSD Medi-Cal Quick VID Tool (docx)
Updated 7/14/15 2018-05-25
HSD Overview (docx)
Revised 01/01/2022 2022-01-04
HSD Pharmacy Benefit Quick Guide (docx)
Revised 10/21/2021 2021-12-02
Health Plan Contact Card (pdf)
Medi-Cal Voluntary Inpatient Detox (VID) Quick Guide (pdf)
Updated 1/3/19 2019-02-13