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Subject:                          Day Treatment and START CP/PN training


Importance:                   High


This email is sent on behalf of QI/MIS

As some may have heard the rumor - there have been changes to day treatment and START programs who have been scheduled for the Client Plan and Progress Notes training between September and December.  This email to confirm that there have been changes, the reasons why, and what to expect moving forward.

Previously programs were scheduled by Brian Newcomer for the Client Plan and Progress Notes trainings.  Since that time all of the training classes have moved to an on-line registration process.  These programs were manually entered in to the on-line registration.  Since that time we have had to make some adjustments to the training schedules.  The result is that the day treatment and START program registrations are as of today cancelled.  The reasons for this are two fold: first - we are expecting an enhancement from Anasazi related to the progress notes which will make documentation requirements for these programs easier.  We are expecting this enhancement in September and will need time to test it and prepare training materials.  To prevent having staff return for a second training we are pushing back the scheduling of day treatment and START programs to January; second - the cancellation of these classes will open up the training schedule to accomodate the current training requests system wide.

 So what does this mean for your program?  At this time no action is needed by your program except to notify each staff that this impacts that the training is postponed.  Since the day treatment and START programs will be using different progress notes than the rest of the system of care, the currently open client plan and progress notes trainings listed on-line are not appropriate - so make sure no one registers for one of these classes (they will be turned away at the time of the class and asked to re-register).  Once the classes are scheduled specifically for your programs you will receive an email with directions on how to register your staff on-line.  These classes will be designated for day treatment or START to assist with registration in the correct trainings.  Please be patient as the posting of these new and specific classes will not occur until September or October.

 If you have any questions regarding this information, please send them to


Tesra Widmayer, Research Specialist
Mental Health Services - QI Unit
County of San Diego
(619)584-5026 (Phone)
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